Evolution is natural, our lifestyle is slowly changing from physical to digital. Technological advancement allows new experiences, never before seen, to be created.

Crypto art has been helping digital art get closer to traditional art since it emerged, taking epic proportions by facilitating the identification of intellectual property with the help of the blockchain network.


Spaceship selects artists from around the world, performing a unique curatorship process that studies all the points of art and the main characteristics for its appreciation in the market.

With our physical and digital exhibitions, we want to bring the latest innovations in the artistic field, which will be a differential for the new century.

We are a community that brings together great artists, collectors, investors and crypto enthusiasts.

We are here to help artists join this new market and we have created a digital exhibition that is a gateway to the Metaverse, an environment with an innovative immersive experience that will please even the eyes of the most demanding art lovers.

Knowing the power of collectibles, Spaceship will bring a more disruptive positioning in this market to its customers. Good news is coming.


Despite being related to cryptocurrencies, blockchain is a technology that expands to other areas. It is a large network that tracks transactions made and records the path taken by these files, working in a similar way to a ledger, but immutable.

It is considered impossible to falsify the information that has been recorded on the blockchain. This is because there is a robust, decentralized mechanism that verifies and approves each new insertion in the network, creating a chain of data blocks in chronological order.

Our website is integrated with OpenSea, which uses blockchain technology as the foundation that guarantees ownership of our assets.


NFTs are cryptographic records stored on a blockchain.

It is a type of smart contract that requires a lot of information to be generated and can contain a digital file in your data. It is through this contract that the sales of digital files are carried out safely and efficiently.

From the NFT registration, blockchain performs the function of a fine arts expert and verifies the authenticity of a piece, investigating the history and information about it.

This feature ensures that each NFT artwork is unique and that a copy will never be mistaken for the original work. Therefore, crypto arts can be considered rare works of art.

What we are presenting is the most promising and secure digital property on the market, which, while increasing in value, also navigates a universe of expressions and meanings.


Although the current web is still largely based on text, images and videos, the latest phase of the web, also known as metaverse, is based primarily on 3D virtual spaces that connect in a virtual universe.

You can enjoy experiences like visiting stores, art galleries, or attending a lecture in a more meaningful way than just looking at a flat screen, from wherever you are. Not to mention the development of ever-deeper relationships with people from other cities and other countries, without having to travel frequently.

The promise of the metaverse is to properly reproduce this experience. In other words, interacting in the metaverse is much more immersive.

We have art exhibitions on the largest platforms of immersive metaverse experiences, come visit us and enjoy!