Don't have a wallet?

Setup wallet

You will need a crypto wallet such as MetaMask to bid in our auctions. You can install the chrome extension or download the mobile app of your preferred wallet to get started. For more information reference our article which walks through all the steps of creating a wallet.

Buy Ether

Now that you have a wallet you need to buy some Ether ($ETH). This is needed to cover both the artwork's price, and the transaction fees (referred to as "gas") to the network, which are usually less than 0.1 ETH. You can do this through any cryptocurrency exchange, like Binance, Coinbase or MoonPay

Transfer Ether

Once you've got ETH from the exchange you will need to transfer it to your cryptocurrency wallet. Please follow your exchange's guides for withdrawing your currency to your wallet address (starts with "0x"). If you can't find those, heres our article to provide some help. Note that you will usually pay a small fee for this transfer. After that you can start bidding!