Fernando Fetex


Fernando Fetex is a Brazilian artist who has his visual work deeply connected with electronic music. Since 2009 he has dedicated himself to creating visual identity for parties, festivals, artists, and record labels in various parts of the world. With his work recognized on the scene in several countries, he is a Brazilian national reference in digital and visionary art.

He combines digital painting, 3D modeling, animation and image manipulation to build arts with a lot of magnetism. His works are inspired by the connection between technological and organic, ancestry and futurism, mind and spirit. Altered states of consciousness, power plants and dreams. His style of creation has a lot of influence from Electro-mineralism.

He's natural from the extreme South of Brazil and his passion for digital art started around the age of 12, playing with image manipulation software such as GIMP. Over the years he has been constantly having fun with all kinds of creative software.