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Everyone has it's own journey. Some goes by the standard, following the illusion of a safe path that always ends up in success, while others refuse to believe that there is in fact a perfect manual to follow in order to thrive. To both stereotypes there is a maxim: it is a long road and the only way is forward.

This artwork represents those who are capable of perceiving the importance of blockchain technology and how it will change the everyday of every human being. It tells about the determination it takes to patiently walk past all traditional pillars, rooted in our society, in order to keep following the decentralization path.

The exaltation of Ethereum's blockchain comes as an acknowledgment of Vitalik's work since he was capable of perceiving the potential that blockchains had to run complex applications and contribute by pioneering the design of an open source framework that enables any developer to code them.

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Igor Dias is a Designer and Illustrator in Brazil since 2016 who realized his passion for art by studying technical drawing while a teenager, which aroused his interest to deepen his knowledge in Graphic Design. Since then Chucrutth has been specializing in photo manipulation and edition, collage and realism, with a taste of the surrealism stamped in sceneries and situations from unreal worlds...

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