Psy Goddess

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What styleVisionary art

What styleSurrealism

What size3840 x 2160


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First work in the goddesses collection. The psychedelic goddess was a mirage I had during an experience with DMT, peaceful and loving the goddess distorts electromagnetic fields and opens portals to unknown worlds. Her kindness could be felt clear as it's power, her smile conveyed a slight perversion, which gave no hint of intention.

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Leandro Sousa, known as Vacão VJ, from Brazil, for 11 years is responsible for bringing visual psychedelia on tracks throughout World. Specialist in video mapping, Lookdev, Motion 2D and 3D, creator of psychedelic surrealist arts with strong influence on RPG character creation and professional video editor for 15 years, he has worked for several TV stations and production companies, in addition to having a degree in Radio and TV...

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