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Oracles exist since time immemorial. It was an important aspect of the Greek religion and also very popular in the Scandinavian mythology. In China, the Shang Dynasty used the I Ching for fortune telling and many other cultures around the world have a sort of Oracle for those who are seeking answers.

Oracles are the manifestation of a Deity who offers the gift of divination specially in times of need. They are also the sacred soil where the divine presence is always noticed, as well as the intermediary who channelizes the insightful councils.

I consider art a kind of Oracle, for it is the connection between man and divinity.

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Self-taught, Rodrigo Miranda started to draw since an early age. Surrounded by the city's graffitis, it did not took long for him to spread his tags and bombs across the neighborhood until his technique evolved to complex wildstyle letters and murals...

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