Scientific Revolution

The Scientific Revolution

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In a way, we are all very close to become cyborgs, since our natural functions and senses are complemented by dispositives like glasses, pacemakers, hearing aids, prostheses and so on. We use computers, smartphones and other devices to help our brain to process data and information. And an interconnected global system of computer networks that we can access almost anywhere and anytime is changing the way we perceive ourselves and the world around us. The future is cybernetic.

Researches are already being made to develop insect cyborgs by implementing electronic chips in cockroaches and flies to spy on enemies. Projects were created to emulate the human brain inside a computer, creating an artificial intelligence capable of speaking and behaving like us. Now imagine if we could develop an artificial body that can integrate a human brain? What would be the implication of that on our society? We are approaching a new reality where everything that gives meaning to our human experience o Earth might simply disappear.

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Self-taught, Rodrigo Miranda started to draw since an early age. Surrounded by the city's graffitis, it did not took long for him to spread his tags and bombs across the neighborhood until his technique evolved to complex wildstyle letters and murals...

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