Lucas Cohea


Lucas, when he was nine, already drew freehand. A multimedia artist, creative and modern, that translates into images his personality: modernity and movement. The story of Lucas Cohea resides in a world of traces, risks, scribbles, architected in the inspiration of simple nature and that constitutes extravasating dreams, freedom, giving life and color in its lines, which blend between lights and shadows.

With an emphasis on digital creation, Lucas mixes freehand drawing techniques with image editing techniques, a work developed with a tendency to contemporary surrealism, taking advantage of the neutral background to give brightness and color to his works. His art is in an intellectual and sentimental mix, in a pure and light dynamism, at the same time unsettling, without the need for logic. An art that intrigues those who observe it, opens paths, and offers possibilities in the creation of exclusive and personalized artworks.